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The structure of the company has been conceived to perform mainly Basic Design, Project Management – from Procurement to Start-up – and develop new technologies. For that purpose today CTIP Oil & Gas can avail of some of the most qualified engineers, technicians, and managers who can assure adequate managerial skills and high quality services.

We can say that the force of the company comes from individual capabilities and common background in a reality of successful working procedures.

In order to maintain a flexible and dynamic structure, our strategy is intended to keep internally the above mentioned core activities, while specific services referred to external resources. In this regard the company has established contacts and cooperation agreement with a number of “satellite partners”.

Our expertise can be seen in a variety of industries where our projects have come to life. CTIP’s global reach and record of Customer satisfaction over a range of diverse projects has made it a well known brand name, not only in the oil and gas chain but also in a variety of other raw materials-to-consumers industries . As a result, we like to think our clients see CTIP standing for:





Wide experience in all sectors of Industry & Infrastructure:

  • Gas Recovery, Processing and Distribution Pipelines
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemicals and Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biochemical, Food Plant & Light Industries
  • Power Plants and Utilities / Off-sites
  • Infrastructures Buildings and Recreation Facilities

Our Projects in Details

Throughout its history , CTIP has been involved with natural gas – one of the world’s most important energy sources. As in other fields , CTIP’s experience covers all categories of facility , from Gas-Oil separation to Gathering , Dehydration and sweetening , LPG Extraction and Fractionation ( turbo expander ) to Liquefaction (LNG) , Cryogenic Storage and Re-gasification plants.

From here it was a natural step to move into transportation , with over 2,000 kilometers of pipeline implemented , from 6 to 26 inches in diameter.
City gas distribution networks completed CTIP’s all -round experience in this field. A more unusual activity undertaken by CTIP was the gasification of coal to produce ” clean gas ” in areas of the world where coal is the cheapest energy source.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 25 Gas Processing
  • 37 Cryogenics
  • 2 LNG Re-gas. Receiving terminals
  • 5 LPG Plants
  • 6 Coal & Oil Gasification Units
  • 9 Pipelines
  • 2 City Gas Distribution Networks

CTIP experiences an impressive number of successful operations ranging from process design of non-licensed units through complete turn-key supply of sophisticated units.

At the time when CTIP was formed , there were limited refining operations in Europe. This situation gradually changed, particularly after the late forties.

CTIP had therefore a tremendous opportunity to grow. The highly qualifying experience cumulated in this way, was for CTIP the gate to success throughout the world in the whole process industry. With regard to refining , CTIP has been involved with every type of refinery unit, from desalting through HDS and FCC , in operations spanning five continents, on behalf of a roster of clients including the world’s best known oil companies. Naturally , CTIP’s experience also covers all types of related utility and off-site facility.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 6 Grass-Root Refineries
  • 247 Refining Units
  • 13 Major Refinery Expansions
  • 39 Utilities & Off-Site Facilities

Projects successfully executed by CTIP cover most of the the petrochemical plants/units found in an ” oil-tree summary” , from Olefins and Paraffins through Chlorinated Compounds , Fertilizers, Plastics , Fibers and Aromatics.

Whichever your project , you can be sure CTIP has access to the best know-how. CTIP’s Process Technology experts maintain an active relationship with many of the world’s best known process licensors.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 94 Petrochemicals
  • Olefins – Polymers
  • Hydrogen & Syngas
  • Aromatics – Detergents
  • 18 Chemicals
  • 6 Fine Chemicals
  • 23 Fertilizers

CTIP’s experience extends to pharmaceutical and biochemical plants, covering fermentation facilities and the production of bulk antibiotics as well as semi synthetic penicillin and a vast range of formulated drugs.

Medicine production involved all formats , from capsules, vials , pills and ointments, to injectables, necessitating sophisticated connected facilities such as sterile areas and laboratories.

CTIP’s work in pharmaceuticals and biochemistry frequently involved the realization of large industrial buildings , an endeavor which CTIP expanded into a specialization in light industry.

Industries for which CTIP subsequently executed manufacturing plants included Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films ( BOPP) , woven carpets and car tire manufacture.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 11 Pharmaceuticals
  • 2 Biochemicals
  • 8 Food Plants
  • 25 Light Industries

During its operational history , CTIP implemented a number of electrical power generation facilities , initially for industrial plants requiring a specific , dependable power supply source.

CTIP’s valuable experience in this field included the execution of a full 35 MW power plant based on counter pressure steam turbo generators
It was therefore a natural move for CTIP to enter the power generation field , where it went on to work with major public utility companies in the design and supply of sections for a wide range of power generation plants.

CTIP has been involved with fossil fuel, nuclear fuel ,gas turbine and steam turbine power plants , but also valuable experience with alternative energies such as biomasses and solar energy.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 27 Power Plants Facilities
  • 23 Utilities / Offsite

Through its involvement in industrial plant, CTIP gained experience in utilities and off-site facilities, including large sized buildings, railway terminals and loading and unloading systems. The expertise gained in this field was subsequently developed independently , leading to involvement in skyscraper and city projects as well as railway schemes throughout Italy.

In addition to these architectural projects, CTIP has also implemented significant infrastructure facilities and waste treatment plants including a municipal solid waste composting and incineration plant based on Ebara , technology and utilizing Sulzer Escherwyss thermal conversion technology to produce electric power .

The treatment of waste using aeration with pure oxygen , based on Union Carbide technology, has also been undertaken.

CTIP has delivered:

  • 63 Infrastructure Facilities
  • 23 Waste Treatment Plants


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