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We provide a wide range of engineering services. We handle full turn key projects; starting with the preliminarily feasibility study till Commissioning & Start Up of any project.

Pre feasibility studies

Let us check the feasibility of your project before you go through and carry it out. CTIP delivers a full pre feasibility study, starting with the technology studies, feasibility studies and the financial studies. We’ll let you know, what the best financing approaches are available for your project and the pay back analysis.

Basic Design

Basic design starts with simple general specifications of your project to the overall P&ID. All process engineering works together with project schedule and quality assurance works is delivered by this team. The cost estimate is calculated here as well.

Detailed Engineering

The detailed design delivers material takeoff or tender documents. We provide construction drawings, final datasheets as well as isometric layouts.


With a wide range of qualified vendors, we can purchase any item your business needs. We will put in the Purchase Order for you, expedite it, inspect and deliver it to your door step.

Construction Management

We supervise your construction works, ensuring the delivery of your project according to the desired specifications and requirements.

Commissioning & Start Up

We handle your pre-commissioning, commissioning, trials and startup works to ensure the ongoing smooth operation. We can also handle your certification works when and if required.

Project Management

To ensure project delivery on time, within the desired cost with the required scope and the available resources, our project control team monitors all activities, ensuring optimum delivery with the available resources. The project knowledge is applied with detailed reporting in each of the project stages.

What we do in steps

Pre-Feasibility / Pre Feed

  • Pre-Feasibility
  • Technology Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Studies
  • Project Financing
  • Pay Back Analysis

Basic Design / Feed

  • Process Eng.
  • Basic Design
  • Protect Gen. Specs
  • Project Schedule & control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cost Engineering

Detailed Engineering

  • Final Data Sheets
  • Construction Dwq.
  • Isometrics, Layout, Planimetrics
  • Material Take Off.

Procurement & Expediting

  • Vendor List
  • M/R
  • Purchase Order
  • Expediting
  • Inspection
  • Material Delivery

Construction Management

  • Site Inspection
  • Construction Activities
  • Commiss. & Start Up
  • As Built Drawings

Quality Management

UNI EN – ISO 9001

A guarantee to our Clients of CTIP best-practice services and supplies specifically designed to meet their requirements


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